Why Pallets Unlimited?

Because Having The Right Pallet At The Right Time
Should Be The Last Thing You Have To Worry About.

We think about pallets every day, so you donít have to. As one of Americaís leading pallet companies, we know that the only time youíre likely to consider your pallet supply is when youíre running short, worrying about downtime costing you money, time and headaches.

Pallets Unlimited provides many different types of pallets, and all the support you need to keep your products and business on the moveóitís what we do best! As your trusted pallet supplier for Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island and the Tri-State Area, we make sure that you always have the right wholesale pallets, when you need them, at the lowest possible cost. Shipping pallets, warehouse pallets or containment pallets . . . new pallets, reconditioned pallets, used pallets, liquidation pallets or closeout pallets . . . whatever you require.

So rely on us, forget about your pallet supply, and focus on what you do best.

Our Cost-Effective Pallet Options Include:

Our Cost-Reducing Service Options Include: