Pallets Unlimited…A reliable source for pallets

For over 20 years Pallets Unlimited has been reliable source to buy your pallets. Along with making quality pallets we also offer pallet delivery services to our customer's locations.

Some types of pallets that we offer are custom pallets, standard size pallets, used pallets, new pallets and heat treated pallets. 90% of our pallets are made out of recycled wood. We dismantle undesired size pallets and create a custom size pallet that fits our customers' needs. Pallets Unlimited has always been known for being a local company shipping pallets to New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut but with the expansion of our new plant in East Orange New Jersey we can even travel further such Pennsylvania.

In addition, our pallet company offers the cost of pallets at manufacture prices and uses good quality wood. If you want to find out about pallet rates, contact Pallets Unlimited to find out more information.